Keep Your Human Entertained This Summer!


It is our job as feline protectors, providers and supreme rulers of the house to entertain our humans constantly!

The fast approaching summer is no different! The following three tips may take some time and effort on your part, but are assured to keep your Humans entertained all summer.

3. Chase Your Tail...I KNOW, I KNOW cliche' and old, but Humans love it!!! They can't seem to get enough of it. Trying at time to bait you into the activity by dangling a sting. That is usually the the time you don't want to have to be their constant entertainment, so best advice chase your tail only when YOU want too. Ignore the string...ALWAYS! 

2. Take Their Lead - When Humans are most bored they usually collect a lot of paper. They then just sit and stair at the pile, at time moving it or going through them. This is a sure sign they need some cheering up! Maxx and I usually go to them and try will every trick we have to brighten them up. We rub on them, knock things over by them, meow and/or move the papers ourselves. If all fails just lay right down on the pile! Do anything to get them to stop this bad behavior.

1. Sit in a Stocking Position - When outside crouch down and pretend to be about to attack something. Humans absolutely LOVE THIS! If they are in the house they will get excited and bang on the window. If you are really good they will come out and run toward you to join in the fun!!!

Try these tricks and have fun with your Humans this summer!
True Owner of Jennifer L's

Maxx and I just found this AMAZING sketch artist! We believe he might possibly be a CAT!  

There have been a wide variety of traits, often contradictory-given to humans and although they may seem domesticated they need a LOT of attention! If you happen to love a human (or humans in our case) and have decided to keep them around your home, remember they are an insecure species.

Humans can however, teach you to live through the more mundane aspects of life. Showing you the necessity of relationship and stability. This, however does not come without its occasional bouts of stubbornness. But alas, most of the time humans respond to life in a very social manner. This can keep you entertained for hours.  Silly, yes, but true and making them the purrfect house pet!

Humans have been misunderstood since, well, their arrival on this planet. I will tell you Maxx and I were reluctant owners of these two (Margaret and Jennifer) that we have now, but they have grown on us. Their silly antics around the house are just so cute!

For instance every day Margaret gets out a silly little fluffy white things and waves it all over everything in the house. At first we tried to join in the fun and attempted to catch the white ball of fluff. This was a disaster! Margaret became annoyed (as humans often do) and quit the game earlier than we believe she intended.

Jennifer's little game is to move everything...and we mean everything around the entire house. Maxx and I have talked and we don't believe this is normal human behavior. The thing is she seems to love it. Scurrying around rearranging keeps her entertained for hours.

Maxx and I have put together a list of things you are going to have to know and keep on hand if you intend on keeping a human:

1. Humans are social creatures, they need other humans around to keep them company while you are sleeping. Usually a nice bottle of wine will help them relax and interact more. Keep this to a minimum, however, too much will create havoc!

2. Humans LOVE to share. Jennifer and Margaret share with other humans ALL day. Some will come in and take things, giving in return. Have plenty of "stuff" on hand so your humans can share too. Maxx and I bring ours mice, they LOVE that.

3. Humans are highly intelligent. They are also great problem solvers and will work out ways to get what they want. They have difficulty communicating their needs to us. If Maxx or I here "Stop That!", we know that means just continue! Maxx and I leave little things all around for them to keep them entertained. They LOVE when you leave it right where they walk, this really gets a good "Stop That" out of them!

Lastly, humans DO listen to what we say, even if they don't understand the words. Your human is a part of your home and your life. They are not object to be taken for granted or ignored.

If you are considering a human as part of your life -- communicate with them in ways she can understand-- you will be amazed at how your relationship grows and becomes enriched.

Maxx and Mindy 


Scarves are IN at Jennifer L's...hoooray...

Max and I are jumping for joy, by far the most played with thing now-a-days are the scarves that our humans, Margaret and Jennifer, just got in. 

Trust me we're thrilled!!! From what we understand about these silly little humans, is summer scarves are all the rage. If your human doesn't have one it might get picked on by the others! HEHE
If you have a human, scarves are like catnip! Put one on a table, desk or the back of a chair and watch the games begin! The bright summer colors make our formerly winter sedated humans dance across the floor in them. 

Watching them is the most fun Maxx and I have had in a long time, like watching them play when they were little! If you come into Jennifer L.'s you can get one for your human, but have fun trying to catch them to put them out!


When Humans Get the Clutter Bug!


Oh, make no mistake about it CATS are not lazy...we are resourceful!!! 

The other day Maxx and I were discussing how we needed to do some spring cleaning around 

Jennifer L. because our humans picked up the CLUTTER BUG!

Our humans are so sweet, but frankly they make a mess of things! With the warm weather here they are out more and now Maxx and I think they may have a bad case of the CLUTTER BUG!

They are out all day hunting for bargains! Sometime they just bring stuff into the house and drop it right on the floor or desk! The desk is OURS and we just can seem to keep them away for it! They have it full of junk all the time!

If you have humans the following are some tips on to do some simple de-cluttering around your home!
  1. Pick a room a DAY! Don't get overwhelmed by looking at the whole house. For example if you pick the bedroom to start break it down into easy steps: Under the bed first; then the tops of every piece of furniture then the floor. 
  2. Go through each room with a box, searching for only the things that go in one area. Example: look for CD or DVD cases, and return them all to their proper storage areas.
  3. Make a particular room worthy of beautiful flowers. Once it's you're clutter free reward yourself with something beautiful, like a wonderful aluminum ball!
  4. Ask someone to help you go through anything you're not sure if you should throw out. Trying to explain why you really need to keep something can be both enlightening and hilarious!
  5. Do a quick walk-through the whole house with a garage bag in hand and dispose of the trash that has accumulated. Easy enough to do, right?

There are many sites on the internet to give you advice on how to tackle what your humans are doing to your home! Please remember to take your time and don't get overwhelmed, nap often if you have too!

Hope this helps, Mindy!


How to Catch E.Bunny!

Maxx has been diligently watching for that elusive Easter Bunny. 

Every year it is our little game to try and catch that silly little hopping critter.
We think it is a game E.Bunny (what we have fondly started to call him/her) has come to love! 

We work all year devising a plan to catch him in the act of bring yummy yummy chocolates eggs and other goodies to our humans.

Every year they end up eating far too much and then...WATCH OUT...all they do is complain about a little extra weight...Maxx and I think it is so cute!

So this year we are going to get our humans, Margaret and Jennifer, involved we are going to have them make little "Finger Puppet Chicks" that will certainly hold E.Bunny's attention long enough for us to catch!

Here is how we plan to do this: What we'll need;
  • Small Raw Natural Sponges
  • Scissors
  • Black Beads or Very Small Buttons 
  • Orange Felt
  • Feather-boa Tufts
  • Orange Pipe Cleaners
  • Glue
1.With a knife or scissors cut an X up and into the bottom of the sponge. 

2.Out of the felt cut two triangles for the wings and glue on either side. Then cut small and a bit longer diamond shape for the beck, fold in half and glue.

3.Glue the black bead or buttons on for eyes. 

4.Glue tufts of the feathers on top for hair.

2. For legs, bend to form ckickie feet, poke orange pipe cleaners through the sponge, then remove, glue and put back into place..

We are going to leave these cute little Chicks around the house and we know this year we'll catch E.Bunny! But you better try too just in case we don't!!! Let's us know if you do!
Thanks Mindy


I have always said, "A clean house is a waste of life...", but alas I realize that my humans, Margaret and Jennifer, will not give up this annoying habit. 

SO, as I watch the strange behavior of these silly creatures, I have put some thoughts together on making house-keeping easier.

1. It seems our sweet Margaret can not live without books, but using books throughout the house as decorations only adds up to more dusting. Instead have one area where you can go and find all your favorite authors. Make it a quiet spot with a comfy chair, this will make it a special place to go to escape to other far away places. If your kitty owners are napping, however, in this new area, please don't disturb our beauty sleep.

2. Our little Jennifer (oh she is so cute) loves this one! When you can - GET RID OF THE CURTAINS, SHADES and BLINDS - as much as we love to, from time-to-time, climb up them for fun, they are dust collectors! If you have a room in your home (and the nerve) where you can let the sunshine in: DO IT! Besides this gives us one more place to bask in the warmth, and really it is all about us.

3. It is so much fun to watch our two little humans running around with rags trying to get rid of dust. It is too bad they don't have fur, they could just nap where it needed dusting - So SAD. I don't know why we did it, but Maxx and I got them a silly little toy with masking tape on the end. Maxx and I work so hard to lay a nice layer of fur on the furniture. This makes it so much nicer to nap on. Now all they do is use the toy to get rid of our sleeping spots! Why not just get a high-end vinyl sofa or chair! This would seem to solve all our issues!

It isn't until you have lived with a human that you begin to understand their idiosyncrasies and it is only with love that we accept them... amazing both to owners and probably the humans also!

Mindy and Maxx owners of Margaret and Jennifer

Plenty of things are going right in Tunkhannock Pennsylvania after the flood of 2011, but much still needs to be done. We all watched as the water rose to heights not seen since 1972 hurricane Agnes flood. Just a few weeks ago we prayed along with all of you, for the many people in all the counties and states that suffered the damaging effects of Mother Nature. This, however, has given us a chance to be grateful for all the blessings in our life!

Rummaging through our storerooms we have come across many items that we have not been able to get to restoring. As we are busy sprucing up for the upcoming holidays we are not unaware of the struggles of those who are trying to get their lives put back together.  We would like to offer the following:

Here at Jennifer L.'s we offer a wide arrange of new and used furniture, decorating items, kitchen and dinning items. We would like to extend our recent sale for those of you affected by the flooding. Come into 

Jennifer L's and receive 10% off any in store purchase not already marked down - through September 30 2011.  If you are in need of a special piece of furniture or item let us know.  We have access to items not yet on the showroom floor and we will work on the price of these items as closely as we can with you.

Again all of us at Jennifer L's would like to extent our prayers and well wishes to everyone.

Margaret Staskiel and Jennifer Lynn

Just mention that you saw this add!!!
Things are coming back to LIFE! Here in Tunkannock!!!
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Gays TrueValue at 12:30 9/8/11
River Bridge Route 6 Bypass 12:30 9/8/11
Center of Tunkhannock 12:30 9/8/11
Looking East toward VanDuzers and Gateway Ford 12:30 9/8/11
With the holidays fast approaching Jennifer Lynn and Margaret Staskiel share some of their secrets for a successful luncheon.

1. Bling Bling on Everything  - Add as much as you can where ever you can. When decorating a table there is no such thing as too much. Mix and match inexpensive tableware with your inherited treasures, use them to wow, they were made to be used not kept wrapped up in the back of a closet. Mix color and textures, the sky is the limit, so use what you love.

2. Bring Out the Past - When using mismatched tableware you not only create a beautiful table, but you have add instant conversation about travel, family and Jennifer L finds!

3. Name Game - Personalize each place card for each personality. This helps guest feel special and at home, especially when entertaining a mixed group.

4. Hear Them Ring - Raise a glass to toast the event, and honor the guests! You don't have to be fancy any glass or crystal set will do, the key is to recognise the special time together.

5. Make Memories - Take pictures or have a photo enthusiast guest do it for you, then select a few special pictures that capture the events mood and each guest and send one to every attendee! If you send it in an album leave room for future photo's with a note "More to Come!"

Jennifer L's has everything you need to create a memoriable event, just come and we'll help you select the perfect pieces for any dinner gathering.
Proper Table Setting from
What goes where on the table and which glasses go with what 

Real easy to remember, the etiquette experts tell us. The general rule with 
utensils is to start from the outside of your place setting, and work your way 
toward the service plate (the main meal plate): soup spoon first, then fish 
knife and fork, then service knife and fork.

When to start eating:

Despite what mother told you, culinary experts say you do not always have to 
wait for everyone to begin – start eating hot food when it is served. For cold 
foods or buffets, wait for the host to announce dinner and wait until the head 
guest starts dishing.